New conditions for grazing 2020

The Grazing Foundation has evaluated and reviewed how inspections for grazing are performed on dairy farms. Based on this review, the following amendments will be introduced for dairy farmers with effect from 1 January 2020:

  1. In addition to the grazing days, dairy farmers must also register the start and end times of grazing on those days.

  2. Dairy farmers can amend or enter the registration up to a maximum of seven days back in the grazing history.

  3. Unannounced inspections and follow-up inspections can only be completed if the inspector has seen the cows grazing. If the inspection is outside the registered grazing time, the inspector will return to the farm at another time. Dairy farmers who use automatic milking systems and a free cow traffic system for grazing must ensure during grazing times that at all times at least 75% of the cows are in the meadow.

These amendments enable grazing inspections to be performed more precisely.

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Certification Meadow Dairy Products and Licencing Meadow Milk Logo

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Every link in the production of a Meadow Dairy Product must hold a valid Grazing Certificate. Depending on its role in the production chain, this may be part A, B and/or C. The brand owner of a product can conclude a Licence Agreement with the Grazing Foundation. The licence is linked to the last Grazing Certificate in the production chain.


The Meadow Milk Logo

Meadow milk language varieties

The meadow milk logo guarantees that the product is made from meadow milk. When the entire dairy product supply chain has been certified, the end product may be sold to the consumer with the Meadow Milk Logo on the packaging, once the brand owner has received a Licence from the Grazing Foundation.