As the owner of the Meadow Milk logo, the Grazing Foundations establishes the conditions. Producers in the production chain of a meadow dairy products are certified. Trademark owners of products that use the Meadow Milk logo request a license.

Independent control

The Grazing Foundation does not perform certification itself. Certification is performed by a certifying body (CB). A CB may, following accreditation by the Grazing Foundation, perform certification and audit procedures. To this end, the CB must have demonstrated that it performs independent, high-quality and uniform inspections and assessments. ISO / IEC 17065 accreditation from an accreditation body (such as the Dutch Accreditation Council) is a requirement in any case. In the context of the foundation's integrity programme, all CBs are audited annually by an independent QA expert.

Certification of Meadow Dairy 

Each link in the chain must demonstrably operate according to the conditions of the Grazing Foundation, and this must be safeguarded by certification. Depending on its role in the production chain, the company will be issued with a certificate for parts A, B and / or C. Grazing Certificate part A is for dairy companies which buy raw milk from dairy farms. Part B is for companies that transport/have milk transported in insulated milk tankers and part C is production locations in the dairy product production chain. Small-scale dairy producers are also eligible to be granted a Grazing Certificate.

All certificate holders are assessed by a CB at the start. Subsequently, they are assessed annually. The assessment by the CB is known as an audit. Basically, the CB checks that the milk flow originates from cows which have access to grazing and that the milk flow throughout the production chain is not mixed with non-grazing milk flows.

Inspections are performed on a percentage of dairy farms in order to obtain an impression of the grazing practice on dairy farms that supply meadow farm milk to a dairy company with a Grazing Certificate Part A. Each year, 40% of the dairy farms is inspected.


Apply for certification by contacting a Certifying Body affiliated with the Grazing Foundation:

  • Qlip, Zutphen, The Netherlands 
  • MCC Vlaanderen, Lier, Belgium 
  • ABCG, Alsfeld, Germany 
  • Bureau Veritas, Parijs, France 
  • SGS, Emstek, Germany This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Licence for the meadow milk logo

Once the whole dairy product supply chain has been certified and the brand owner has received a licence from the Grazing Foundation, the end product may be sold to the consumer with the meadow milk logo on the packaging. Before this can be done, the brand owner must conclude a licence agreement with the Grazing Foundation. Among other things, the licence agreement sets out the arrangements relating to use of the logo.

The licence is linked to the last Grazing Certificate in the production chain. If the brand owner is also the producer, this is usually its own certificate. If the brand owner is not a producer (i.e. a retailer), this is the certificate held by the producer which supplies the product to the brand owner. The brand owner is responsible for compliance with the conditions set out in the licence agreement.

Apply for a licence by completing the form below and sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Application form licence
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In order to download the files below, you must agree once to the terms and conditions for use of the Grazing Foundation certification scheme and corresponding documents and instruments. These will appear after the download link has been clicked.


Manual certification and licensing
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Guidelines Meadow Milk Logo
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Guidelines ControlPlan A
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Legal  documents

General Terms and Conditions
en Download (357.75 KB)

License Agreement
en Download (189.85 KB)

Agreement with CB
en Download (223.76 KB)

Integrity Program
en Download (572.17 KB)

Decision tree service providers
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Contribution scheme 2023
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White list measurement systems
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Conditions white list measurement systems
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Meadow Milk Logo

NL Weidemelk
noun Download 405978

DE Weidemilch
noun Download 405978

FR Lait de Paturage
noun Download 405978
EN Meadow Milk
noun Download 405978
ES Leche de Pasto
noun Download 405978
IT Latte di Pascolo
noun Download 405978
ES PT Leche de Pasto Leite de Pastagem
noun Download 405978
SV Betesmjolk
noun Download 405978
DA Markmaelk
noun Download 405978

NL DE Weidemelk Weidemilch
noun Download 405978

NL FR Weidemelk Lait de Paturage
noun Download 405978
NL EN Weidemelk Meadow Milk
noun Download 405978
DE EN Weidemilch Meadow Milk
noun Download 405978
noun Download 405978
EN FR Meadow Milk Lait de Paturage
noun Download 405978
  ES PT Leche de Pasto Leite de Pastagem
noun Download 405978 

NL DE FR Weidemelk Weidemilch Lait de Paturage
noun Download 405978
NL DE EN Weidemelk Weidemilch Meadow Milk
noun Download 405978
NL EN FR Weidemelk Meadow Milk Lait de Paturage
noun Download 405978
DE FR ES Weidemilch Lait de Paturage Leche de Pasto
noun Download 405978
NL FR EN DE Weidemelk Lait de Paturage Meadow Milk Weidemilch
noun Download 405978
NL DE FR ES Weidemelk Weidemilch Lait de Paturage Leche de Pasto
noun Download 405978
   EN DE FR ES Meadow Milk Weidemilch Lait de Paturage Leche de Pasto
noun Download 405978